To Cape or Not to Cape?

cape-dressI recently attended a November wedding and was tasked with the decision of what to wear to a wedding in the Fall. Summer weddings are so easy because you can wear a cocktail dress with open toe heels and call it a day but November is tough because…. well it’s cold unless you are blessed with a warm climate all year round. I searched endlessly to find something that was cute and fashionable but that I wouldn’t freeze in. I also wanted to be comfortable. I came across a cape dress by the mark. line from Avon which looked fabulous on the model in the picture but I wasn’t sure how it would look on me IRL. When it arrived and I tried it on I fell in love, not only did it look cute, polished and stylish it was incredibly comfortable. I am talking the kind of comfort that you can eat and not wonder if everyone can see your wobbly bits. I have some cape sweaters and cape blazers and I have to say those bring an outfit to another level, they just add that style and flair with an edge of sophistication. If you haven’t tried one yet I highly recommend it for anyone of any age or size. You can change the way you feel on any given day with those little added extras. It isn’t about everyone else, it is about you and how you feel.





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